Wednesday, August 19, 2009

@ the movies this week…

They say perfect planning prevents poor performance (PPPPP). As far as a movie is concerned, planning would mean a perfect script. That is exactly the winner this week at the box office. Two major releases this week, Kaminey and Before the Rains are wonderfully written movies and that is half the job done.


Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kaminey is a movie where the direction, the script and the performances stands tall. The movie is a mix of comedy, drama, romance and action. Add to it some bollywood masala, some fabulous music and what you get is an excellent piece of movie making, which Vishal has excelled in time and again.

Guddu and Charlie are identical twins and each of them has a speech disability. Charlie has a lisp and Guddu stammers. Charlie is a small time bookie and dreams of making big money through some ‘chota fhortcut’. Guddu works for an NGO and has impregnated the local gangster’s sister. Charlie gets a guitar which has got cocaine worth 10 crores which he sees as his path to fulfill his dreams. Guddu lands himself into trouble when the gangster learns about his affair with Sweety. How the two brothers find their way out of the double trouble is worth watching.

Similar to other Vishal Bhardwaj movies, most of the shots in Kaminey are dark. Rarely would you find a scene in broad daylight. The background music and the songs of this movie are really good and keeps the mood alive.

Shahid Kapur as Guddu and Charlie has done more than justice to the characters. He has proved his acting skills again and again, but this ought to be one his most memorable movies. Similarly for Priyanka Chopra, Sweety will be one her best ever performance. Amole Gupte as the local gangster is the surprise package and an outstanding performance.

The thing bad about Kaminey is the climax. It an utter chaos as groups and groups of people come in rushing to claim the coke-guitar. It was really a disappointment to see such a trivial ending to a more serious movie. 3.5 stars for Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kaminey.

Before the rains

If it was the script that scored for Kaminey, then it is the cinematography for Santhosh Sivan's Before the Rains. This guy can do wonders with the camera.

Based on an Israeli short film, it the sweet story of a village set in the 1930s. Harry Moores is a British planter whose dream is to build a road to his spice plantation uphill, before the rains come. He is helped by TK Neelan, who is an educated villager who can use his influence over the villagers to work for him. Harry has a secret love affair with his beautiful house help Sajaani.

All hell breaks loose when her husband comes to know of this. Harry sends her away from the village with the help of TK to avoid the anger of the villagers. But she comes back and on being disowned by Harry shoots herself. Harry and TK throw her dead body into the river. Now, it is up to the loyal TK to hide it from the villagers. But is it his loyalty or is it his love for his village that ultimately wins is for you to find out.

Santhosh Sivan's cinematography is definitely the high point of this movie. Rahul Bose as TK is an excellent choice as the English speaking villager, though not very convincing at places where he has to deliver Malayalam dialogues. Nandita Das fits perfectly to the role of the house maid. The foreign actors come up with a commendable performance. The Malayalam actors Lal, Tilakan and Indrajit portray their characters very effortlessly.

I would give 4 out of 5 for this excellent movie. A real collector’s item.


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