Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A heart-warming story...

Welcome to Sajjanpur is a heart warming fable. Watching this movie one feels like having gulped a glass of chilled orange juice after being out in the hot sun for long. It is such a refreshing story, so simple in its narration.

Mahadev is the local village ‘letter-writer’. He writes letters for the literate and the illiterate of the village to earn a living. A wannabe writer, he adds his imagination and emotions into others’ letters. One day his school time crush comes to him to write a letter to her husband working in Mumbai. He manipulates the letters between them so as to win back his love from her husband, until he realizes how much the husband loves her. He proceeds to make amends for his misdoings and also gets one of his novels published later.

Shreyas Talpade’s acting abilities is all well known and the very fact that Shyam Benegal chose him for his movie is an award. But he does 100% justice to his role. I was rather happy to see Rajit Kapoor (Byomkesh Bakshi fame) back on screen after such a long gap, though for a very very small role.

A recommended watch. 

I saw it on A Wednesday...

A Wednesday is a must watch. Watch it for the message it gives. Watch it for the performances of the lead actors. Watch it for it inspires.

Mumbai police commissioner gets a call from an unknown number claiming to have planted 5 bombs in various parts of the city. The caller demands the release of 4 terrorists in Indian jails. The movie is all about the negotiations between the caller and the police commissioner. And then comes the twist in the tale. The caller asked for the release of the terrorists to get them killed. He represents the ‘stupid common man’, who has anger within him.  

Watch this movie for splendid performances from Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher and the surprise package Jimmy Shergill. Naseer’s acting is a textbook for budding actors. His dialogue delivery, body language are all just perfect and so real. Anupam kher is strong and confident as the commissioner, and carries off his role to perfection. Jimmy Shergil is the one to watch out for. He is intense and rough as the angry young police officer.

The movie might seem a bit impractical for some, but it is after all fiction. It keeps you glued to your chair and does not bore you for a single second. Only 100 odd minutes long, this movie is a must watch and a recommended collectors item.