Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kazhcha, Thanmatra and Blessy

It's been a long time since I had watched Kazhcha, and a week ago I watched Thanmatra. I had thought quite a lot about writing on these two movies. To be frank, I haven't liked them. Both of these films are good, both are untold stories, have good performances, but I didn't like the treatment. Somewhere I feel, things should have been made better, there's still room for improvement.


Kazhcha is the story of a Gujarathi refugee boy, who reaches Kerala following the riots in Gujarat. He may have lost his parents, we don't know. Here, a villager, played by Mammootty, comes to his help. His family treats him like one among them. But in the end they have to leave him to his homeland.

The script is good. But as told before, I didn't like the treatment. It's not gripping. Mammootty is in his usual best, enacting his role with ease. Master Yash too gives good performance as the lost kid. Padma Priya has little to do. Others are as natural as they come in Malayalam films.


This is the story of family bonding. The bonding between a father and a son, a man and his wife. The story, inspired by Padmarajan's short-story 'Orma', tells us how a family overcomes the challenges when its lone bread-winner succumbs to Alzheimer's.

Mohanlal enacts the role of the Alzheimer's patient wonderfully well. It couldn't be better. Meera Vasudev delivers one of the worst-ever performance by a newcomer in Malayalam. She has no expressions in her face and her dialogue delivery is ridiculously bad. She doesn't fit in to the picture, as such. All other performances are good.

The film is more about family bonding than about the disease. Some scenes are exquisitely well made, but some could have been avoided completely. Those scenes bring the film to a low. Kazhcha doesn't have such scenes. But all characters are very well sketched in Tanmatra. In Kazhcha you have certain characters which could have been avoided.

And now a word about Blessy

He claims to be Padmarajan's disciple. But in the two above films he doesn't show even the slightest hint of this. In Padmarajan movies there would be moments which could make you wonder how wonderfully he sketches human emotions. Padmarajan made 'innale', (if I m right), about amnesia, and here Blessy made 'tanmatra' about Alzheimer's. A striking similarity in both these movies is that the disease is just one single cause which changes the lives of the protagonists in the movie. The film is not about the disease, but what happens in the life of one suffering from the condition.

It's too early for Blessy to be labeled as Padmarajan's successor. He has a long way to go. And I hope he reaches that stage in life where his films would do the talking.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

I would say, thought provoking. KJ's best work till date. He tells about relationships in a very mature, intriguing manner. We are forced to think about what's wrong and what's right even hours after the show.

A word about the characters. Dev (SRK) is the protagonist and the not-at-all-lovable guy (for me) in the story. Dev never deserves any sympathy. He is unsuccessful to the core, failure in everything, as a husband, as a son, as a father and also as a footballer. He is the only reason for their broken marriage. Riya (Priety) is a good wife, daughter-in-law, a mother and a professional. Maya (Rani) is a simple wife. She has her own dreams but has to obey others. Perhaps tats why she married Rishi. Rishi (AB Jr.) is the most lovable guy in the story. He is Maya's hubby and he loves her so dearly. I felt really sorry for the guy. He hasn't done anything wrong in his relationship with Maya. But he is the sole loser. Rishi's father (AB Sr.) is the man who brings everything in the open. He finds out the relationship between Dev and Maya. But he is the one who makes this movie a thought provoking one, perhaps because he has the one thing others in the story doesn't have- experience of living.

Now, the performances. My favorite is Amitabh. He is the star he is. Nobody can match him. Abhishek is really good in the movie. The real surprise. And with this movie I've started to hate SRK, perhaps because his character is such. But he fails to match up with others. Rani and Priety disappoints with their lackluster performances. The music is good and catchy. Dialogues are just what you cud expect from a KJ movie.

The movie makes the statement that if we are not happy in a relationship better we move away from it. After all, all what we need from a relationship is happiness. If relationships start hurting us, we better break it.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Achanurangatha Veedu

The movie is good. The subject it deals with is contemporary. A bold attempt to portray the society of our times, I would say. The story is not what has happened in place x or y. but in many places, many times. But still something is missing. The fizz is not there. To me, Lal Jose is not matured enough as a director for this subject. Or he hasn't delivered to his potential. This could have been made better.

This is a brave portrayal of the sex scandals which were the 'order-of-the-day' in recent times in Kerala. The film is well shot, but still fails to bring out the emotions as it should have done. Salim Kumar has delivered his best performance to date. He shows that he can handle character roles too with ease. All the performances are good by any standards.

The film makes us think about the present state of the system. How corrupt people are! They can stoop to any levels to fulfill their needs. And who is responsible for the plight of such young innocent girls, after all? Is it the 'anti-social' elements of the society? Or is it sheer necessity? It cud be the school authorities, too who are adamant about their 'reputation'. It cud be the parents, who bring loads of responsibilities on to their children and make them helpless. Whatever, the movie is a bold take on the society and kudos to everybody behind this.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I Have Everything, But Still....

I don’t know if everybody feels the same, but I do. I am not happy with what I have in hand, with what I have achieved. "Yeh dil maange more". But what? And why? I don’t know. All I know is that I need kuch extra.

" Mera mann yeh bataa de tu
Kis mod chala hai tu
Kyaa paya nahin tune
Kya doond raha hai tu "

Once upon a time, there was a kid who would get up after much persuasion in the morn, go to school, do his work and come back, get immersed in his books and toys and then go to sleep only to get up again the next day. Those were days when studies used to be his main duty. His books were his best friends. His secret toys were his fav pals. Studying used to be his way of forgetting tensions. When he was scolded, for some reason or the other, he used to find solace in his textbooks and homework. He was most contended with what he was. He always wore a smile around his face. And he was always ready to lend a helping hand to fellow students. He used to be the teachers' favorite. And was the quietest and most well behaved boy in his class.

Now, that the kid is no more a kid, he has grown up, books have ceased to be his companion. He finds comfort in other stuff. Computers have a definite place in his life. Music was, is and always will be his favorite pastime. Only the times have changed, but the kid is no longer happy with himself. Now, I don’t have to tell you that this kid is the very same me. I have all things, as a 24 year old, I could long for. I have good parents, a fab brother, lovable relatives, cousins, good friends, and all the gadgets and gizmos I could have. I now have innumerous ways to kill time. Listening to music, getting hooked to the internet, television, video games, DVD player and what not! Yet, I get bored easily. Still there is something missing.

I wasn’t ambitious at all. All I wanted to do when I finished my pre degree was a Govt job. But I couldn’t think of studying physics or chemistry again. And so I went after computers which I had always loved. Even after graduation in computers I wasn’t into doing a post graduation. But I did, nonetheless. And now that I am on the verge of finishing my PG, I am a bit greedy. I want a lot of money to spend. I have some dreams to chase. Now I want to do something for my family, for my friends and all those around. I want to make thing better around me. I want to make everybody around me happy.

But to make others happy, I should be happy with myself. I should be contented with myself. To believe in others, I should, first of all, believe in myself. So what is it that is missing in me? Or is it that I feel so? Maybe! Things haven’t changed much after all. Still I am the same person who needs much persuasion to get up from bed. I am lazy to the last bone. Of course, books have been replaced with things that are the fad of the day. And what’s wrong in getting hooked to the internet, in watching TV and movies. Nothing! Yes, tats it! I haven’t changed much. I still love music, films and books. I still like to spend time at my home. I am still the same kid whom I was talking about. And if anything has changed, it is for the good. At least I like to believe so. And I am contended indeed, with what I have. What I am today, what I possess is all because of myself. No, I am not taking away others credits. They have done their part. But all decisions have been mine. Whether wrong or not, whether those have led to failure or success, all decisions have been mine. I have nobody to be blamed. Or to be obliged to. What I am , and what I am not is all because of me. What else do I need to be happy?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Keerti Chakra...The First of its Kind...

Keertichakra is a very brilliant movie. This is by far truly a nationalistic movie, perhaps the first in Malayalam. I don't know of any Malayalam movie which has depicted the life of army men so well.

This morning, when I watched the interview with the director, Major Ravi, I felt here was a man who wanted to tell something through the movie. That was when I decided to watch keertichakra. and I wasn't dissppointed. I cud feel the diretor's passion for cinema as he was talking and he has done a great job. Only he could have made it this well.

Our very own Mohanlal comes of age in this movie. This is the Lalettan I wanted to see. Now the time has come for him to take up roles he hasn't ventutred into, neither has his counterparts. His performance is just fabulous. But, I shud say, he's a bit too fat to be a commando. But, the great actor that he is, he has performed very well.
The tamil actor, who portrays Jay, has done well. Shammi Tilakan's role is worth mentioning. The music is good in this movie. There is a tamil song, a hindi song, which for me is the best in the movie and a Malayalam song too. This film could have been directed by any other, more experienced directors, but none other than Major Ravi could have succeeded in bringing out the emotions so well. The background music is good, the cinematography is good, and by all standards this is a first of its kind movie.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Manjupoloru Pennkutty...

Never on earth did I think that this was such a good movie. Well done Kamal. I am proud of you. Believe me, this is a very good movie. Not like what I read in its reviews. At that time these reviews had made me keep away from theaters where this film was running. But now I think I should have watched it earlier. The performances are good. The direction is superb, after all it's Kamal. And the story has been never heard before. Nobody else has attempted such a story.
This film is the story of a little poor girl, who is sexually harassed by her mother's husband. Yes! You guessed it right. Her father is dead and her mother marries this man. This is the only problem she has and this is exactly what she can't tell others, not even her mother. At last with the help of her friends she decides to kill the man. And whether she succeeds or not, is for you to find out. Believe me, u wont regret having seen this movie.
Apart from the unusual story-line, the film brings out other two important things in life. One, the character of a woman. A woman can stoop to any low to attain what she wants. Just look at how this little girl makes her 'manual uncle' do things for her. This is what women are all about. Don't argue, it is a fact, no matter how strongly you object. This is the truth. Second, it makes us understand the value of mother in the life of a child, especially if it is a girl. Anything you hide from your mother is bound to affect you adversely. And as far as I could say, mothers are the epitome of love on earth. Nobody can love you as well as your mom can. Also, the best person on earth on whom you can confide is your mother. Mother is a child's best friend.

Friday, June 02, 2006

FANAA Fails To Impress…

The good things first. If not for Aamir or Kajol this would have been
a very poor film. Thanks to these great artistes, the film is
watchable. They rise above everything in the movie. If Kajol could
look this beautiful after 5 years of absence, I would have her keep
aloof from films for another 5 years and come back even more
beautifully. The film's music is good. The songs are appropriately
placed; just when we feel its time for a song, it is there. But other
than Chaand sifarish and Mere haath mein, other tunes are all
heard-somewhere tunes, but good.

Apart from these factors, there is nothing notable in the movie. The
script is weak, direction, just average and the dialogues are a bit
too poetic. I watched the whole movie, expecting something miraculous
to happen every now and then, but alas! Nothing moved me. Not a single
scene! The script sometimes feels illogical. How could ever a blind
girl fall for a man within a week? The nuclear bomb element in the
movie is too exaggerated. The reunion of the hero and heroine is too
coincidental. Shiny Ahuja, Tabu and Lara Dutta just didn't need to be
there in those roles. There is not a single good romantic scene and no
patriotic scene or dialogues. I would rate this as the top of the
worst movies of Aamir Khan.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Now What...?

Now that my exams are over, the time has come for me to ask myself - "Now what ? " . The answer - " do my project" .But this again raises another set of how-when-where questions. Anyhow, I am gonna take a week long break before I get involved. And talking about the exams, to be frank , everything was tough. I am not satisfied with what I have done. These days I have only one prayer- " may this be the last university exams I would write, atleast as an MCA student !! " ; just kidding !!!! I think I would make it hands down.

The Perfect Sequel...
I went for Balram v/s Tharadas today. Its good. This is what I call new-age Malayalam movie. Its an all-out Mammootty affair. He enacts the double role with élan. He is arrogant as ever as Balram; stylish and powerful as Tharadas. But all credit goes to the director I V Sasi for having done more than justice to his past super hits. Good fight sequences, trendy cars, and spirited dialogues ( unlike the four-letter words in Shaji Kailas' movies) all add to the movie's charm.

Balram DySP is in charge of a case for which he has to trace old enemy Tharadas. He arrests the don's girlfriend Supriya(Katrina Kais), an actress, and Tharadas comes flying from Dubai. Whatever is unearthed is thrilling, yet predictable. Katrina should better stop acting, as she is a mere showpiece among better actors.

Whatever ! This is the perfect sequel to the hits of yesteryears !!!! But chances are that everybody won't like the movie. "Try your bloody luck !!! "

When it Rains Hard...
I need no better reason, to ascertain that Kamal is my fav director, than Perumazhakalam. What a movie !!! This is one of his best movies I have seen after Madhuranombarakkattu. And the performances of Meera, Kavya and especially Mammukkoya and Salim Kumar are worth mentioning. Nobody except Kamal cud have done justice to this wonderful script.

Razia's (Meera Jasmine) husband, Akbar (Dileep) kills his friend and colleauge Raghu (Vineeth) in Saudi Arabia. And Akbar is to be beheaded as per the Muslim nation's judiciary. Now the only person who can help Razia is Raghu's widow Ganga (Kavya Madhavan).

Meera is simply outstanding as Razia. Kavya shines in the very few scenes she has in the movie. The male characters comes in just a couple of songs and frames. The rain which pours down very often is very beautifully sketched, brings about the mood of the whole movie. I wonder how Kamal could have avoided that from the climax !!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Here, I am...

Today I decided to start blogging. It was on my mind for quite sometime, but I was never ready for it. But now, I think, I am. Now, I have matters to tell, the willingness to share and above all, people who would listen to (I hope). I would share everything worth telling from now on.
But these days I am busy with my 5 semester exams. So, i wont blog everyday. But still, I won't let you guys miss anything.
So guys n gals, see u soon......