Friday, June 02, 2006

FANAA Fails To Impress…

The good things first. If not for Aamir or Kajol this would have been
a very poor film. Thanks to these great artistes, the film is
watchable. They rise above everything in the movie. If Kajol could
look this beautiful after 5 years of absence, I would have her keep
aloof from films for another 5 years and come back even more
beautifully. The film's music is good. The songs are appropriately
placed; just when we feel its time for a song, it is there. But other
than Chaand sifarish and Mere haath mein, other tunes are all
heard-somewhere tunes, but good.

Apart from these factors, there is nothing notable in the movie. The
script is weak, direction, just average and the dialogues are a bit
too poetic. I watched the whole movie, expecting something miraculous
to happen every now and then, but alas! Nothing moved me. Not a single
scene! The script sometimes feels illogical. How could ever a blind
girl fall for a man within a week? The nuclear bomb element in the
movie is too exaggerated. The reunion of the hero and heroine is too
coincidental. Shiny Ahuja, Tabu and Lara Dutta just didn't need to be
there in those roles. There is not a single good romantic scene and no
patriotic scene or dialogues. I would rate this as the top of the
worst movies of Aamir Khan.