Monday, July 31, 2006

Manjupoloru Pennkutty...

Never on earth did I think that this was such a good movie. Well done Kamal. I am proud of you. Believe me, this is a very good movie. Not like what I read in its reviews. At that time these reviews had made me keep away from theaters where this film was running. But now I think I should have watched it earlier. The performances are good. The direction is superb, after all it's Kamal. And the story has been never heard before. Nobody else has attempted such a story.
This film is the story of a little poor girl, who is sexually harassed by her mother's husband. Yes! You guessed it right. Her father is dead and her mother marries this man. This is the only problem she has and this is exactly what she can't tell others, not even her mother. At last with the help of her friends she decides to kill the man. And whether she succeeds or not, is for you to find out. Believe me, u wont regret having seen this movie.
Apart from the unusual story-line, the film brings out other two important things in life. One, the character of a woman. A woman can stoop to any low to attain what she wants. Just look at how this little girl makes her 'manual uncle' do things for her. This is what women are all about. Don't argue, it is a fact, no matter how strongly you object. This is the truth. Second, it makes us understand the value of mother in the life of a child, especially if it is a girl. Anything you hide from your mother is bound to affect you adversely. And as far as I could say, mothers are the epitome of love on earth. Nobody can love you as well as your mom can. Also, the best person on earth on whom you can confide is your mother. Mother is a child's best friend.