Sunday, July 18, 2010

There’s always a comeback…

It has always been the case. I have left her when we started falling in love. It has happened not once, not twice, but thrice. I hope this time it stays forever.


I still remember the first time I met you. That was the first time I was staying away from home. Among all those strange and unfamiliar faces only you smiled at me. And I had started accepting you in my life. Remember the first time we went to Pizza hut. I was not alone. I was with five other guys, but you were my only companion. I became accustomed to your ways of life. I was gradually beginning to understand that there is life away from home, and was starting to think of settling down. But then I had to leave you. For ‘better’ prospects, as they say.

I wasn’t that disappointed to leave you. I knew I could come back to you whenever I wanted to. And you will accept be as you had done before. But then, my priorities were different. Better Prospects.

Goodbye Mumbai. I will miss you.


The welcome wasn’t a very warm one here. I was seen with suspicious eyes. I didn’t belong to this place. But I was here for a longer time. And I had time to fall in love with you. The best thing was I was now much closer to my home. Home sweet home. I visited my parents every month. And then I came back. Back to your open arms. I explored and started loving you. I was almost decided that my life is gonna be here. If not here then nowhere else. But…

I had many friends here, many relatives to visit. But I stayed here only for you. I stayed here only because I fell in love with you. Everywhere I went I was not lonely, even if I went alone. You were always with me.

Remember all those fabulous movies which we watched together. Remember those hang-outs we had. Remember those outings. Remember those days I spent alone in my room. But you made me feel special. Indeed our relationship was special.

But then there was again a going back. I had other priorities, again. Leaving you was difficult. But this was my chance. I wouldn’t miss it.

Goodbye Bangalore. Someday I would be back.


I was back in Mumbai. This was a new lease of life. But I didn’t want to be here, that’s for sure. But still, I was welcomed with smiles all around. Everyone was happy to have me back here. But I was still long way away from home. That was the biggest downside. This time you looked more beautiful. My life was smoother than ever before. You made it look so easy.

This time I had more time to spend with you, than my earlier stint. I enjoyed each moment with you. Our hangouts were so enjoyable. We sometimes had the company of many famous people, Celebrities. I still have those times spent in Matheran and water kingdom fresh in my memory. Pity that I couldn’t roam around more.

But I always wanted to go away from you. Not because I didn’t like you. But I thought you were too big for me. And then I got my chance. I am leaving you again. This time it will be forever. There won’t be a comeback, I hope. But you are still my first love.

Goodbye Mumbai.

I had never thought I would land up here. This is a place I never wanted to be in. but God’s plans were different. This was indeed a better prospect. I am just getting acquainted with you. We have a lot of time to be spent together. Chennai, I am here.


All these roaming around have made me understand one thing. It is not the place which matters, but the people around me. They are the ones who make me happy. They are the ones who makes me cry. They are the one who makes me live.