Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Black Friday ...Real Stuff...

A real must watch, Black Friday is a superb movie. It is so real in its making that we could feel the chill in our bones. The film claims to be the real story behind the 1993 Bombay blasts and it really is. The direction is superb, the camera captures the characters and their emotions wonderfully well and the narration is fantastic. Before watching it I thought it would be like a documentary, but the film is sketched beautifully that you never feel so.

A man runs himself into the police and warns them about a conspiracy being planned to rock the financial capital of the country. The police ignores the warning and three days later, hell breaks out in the city, as Bombay is rocked by serial blasts. Now the whole movie is about the frantic search set out by the police and the real story and the people behind the bombings. The film is rated 'A' for the violence it depicts. The blast scenes are horrifyingly depicted, reminds us of some Hollywood stuff. Some of the scenes are kinda ones in which we feel like turning our heads away from the screen. Such is the brutal violence that police uses against the people involved in the bombings.

It’s really chilling enough to watch characters like Tiger Memon, Dawood Ibrahim on screen. These are all people we have read about in newspapers and seen pictures of in television channels. But they are all characters in the movie. Pavan Malhotra as Tiger Memon is a class apart. He is just amazing. The wonderful actor that he is, he carries of this difficult and complex role with ease. KK as the police inspector is one of his great performances. The emotional turmoil he goes through after using third degree against the criminals is enacted very well. All the performances are good, though he actors we see here are not heard-of kinda ones. Also Anurag Kashyap, successfully brings in a bit of comedy here and there which serves as a comic relief, between the gruesome acts shown in the movie. Black Friday is a real must watch and one of the finest films i have seen in recent times.