Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Now What...?

Now that my exams are over, the time has come for me to ask myself - "Now what ? " . The answer - " do my project" .But this again raises another set of how-when-where questions. Anyhow, I am gonna take a week long break before I get involved. And talking about the exams, to be frank , everything was tough. I am not satisfied with what I have done. These days I have only one prayer- " may this be the last university exams I would write, atleast as an MCA student !! " ; just kidding !!!! I think I would make it hands down.

The Perfect Sequel...
I went for Balram v/s Tharadas today. Its good. This is what I call new-age Malayalam movie. Its an all-out Mammootty affair. He enacts the double role with élan. He is arrogant as ever as Balram; stylish and powerful as Tharadas. But all credit goes to the director I V Sasi for having done more than justice to his past super hits. Good fight sequences, trendy cars, and spirited dialogues ( unlike the four-letter words in Shaji Kailas' movies) all add to the movie's charm.

Balram DySP is in charge of a case for which he has to trace old enemy Tharadas. He arrests the don's girlfriend Supriya(Katrina Kais), an actress, and Tharadas comes flying from Dubai. Whatever is unearthed is thrilling, yet predictable. Katrina should better stop acting, as she is a mere showpiece among better actors.

Whatever ! This is the perfect sequel to the hits of yesteryears !!!! But chances are that everybody won't like the movie. "Try your bloody luck !!! "

When it Rains Hard...
I need no better reason, to ascertain that Kamal is my fav director, than Perumazhakalam. What a movie !!! This is one of his best movies I have seen after Madhuranombarakkattu. And the performances of Meera, Kavya and especially Mammukkoya and Salim Kumar are worth mentioning. Nobody except Kamal cud have done justice to this wonderful script.

Razia's (Meera Jasmine) husband, Akbar (Dileep) kills his friend and colleauge Raghu (Vineeth) in Saudi Arabia. And Akbar is to be beheaded as per the Muslim nation's judiciary. Now the only person who can help Razia is Raghu's widow Ganga (Kavya Madhavan).

Meera is simply outstanding as Razia. Kavya shines in the very few scenes she has in the movie. The male characters comes in just a couple of songs and frames. The rain which pours down very often is very beautifully sketched, brings about the mood of the whole movie. I wonder how Kamal could have avoided that from the climax !!!