Thursday, March 12, 2009

13 B - Too long for a scary movie…

13 B is a mystery film, far from a horror flick. It stretches for almost 3 hours and bores you like a tele serial. I must say, post interval the film is far more interesting. Madhavan puts in a commendable performance. But there is hardly anything scary about the movie.

Two brothers along with their families move into their new apartment, 13B. Soon, the younger brother, played by Madhavan, notices strange things happening to him. The elevator does not work when he is the only one inside; his camera phone shows up distorted pictures of his when taken from inside the house; and now the big one, a tele-serial which is available only at this apartment and which has characters similar to the ones in his family. He takes the help of his friend to unfold the mystery around the serial. And then there is this blind neighbor who walks around with his pet dog.

13 B is not a bad movie, but it leaves some questions unanswered. If the elevator cannot take him up to the 13th floor, why couldn’t have he gone to the 12th and then taken the stairs? How come that the hero is the only one noticing the similarities between the TV serial and their real life, though it’s the women in the family who are addicted to it ?(Dumb ??) What happens to the blind neighbor towards the end? Was this character brought in, only for the dog walking with him? And the songs were absolutely unnecessary.

Rating : 2/5