Thursday, July 02, 2009

Everything happens for the good

This is a story I heard from someone, don’t exactly remember the guy, but the story continues to remain in my memory and have found myself retelling this at various places, on various occasions and to various people.

“Everything happens for the good “

Once there was a king, who had a very wise minister. One fine morning, as the king was cutting apples, he accidently bruised his fingers.

“Aahhrrgg “, he screamed. The minister, who heard his screams came in, gave the first aid while saying “Everything happens for the good”.

“How dare you say that!!!” the king fumed. “Soldiers, arrest this arrogant man. Put him behind bars.” The minister obliged, smiling and didn’t forget to say “Everything happens for the good”.
Later that day, the king and his close men went hunting. They went inside the forest, deep into it, so far they went into the forest, that they lost their way. The king and 5 of his men were estranged from the rest of the group.

Now, it so happened that these men were in that part of the forest which were inhabited by cannibals. The cannibals caught these men and as the night set in they prepared for dinner. They examined each one of them and took him inside the kitchen to be cut and eaten.

As they were examining, the cannibals noticed that the king had a bruise on his finger. “We don’t eat people who have wounds. Set this man free”, ordered the cannibal chieftain.

After many hours of walking through the dense forest, the king finally found his group who were searching for him. And they reached the palace soon enough.

“What my minister told this morning was true!” the king thought to himself. “Everything happens for the good. If I hadn’t cut my finger this morning, the cannibals would have eaten me!”

He ordered his soldiers to release the minister. The minister was released and brought before the king. “I would like to say sorry for what I did this morning. You were right. But tell me one thing. Even when you were imprisoned you said everything happens for the good. What did that imprisonment bring you?

The minister replied, “If I hadn’t been imprisoned I would also have accompanied you to the forest and the cannibals would have eaten me. “


Now, how many of you believe that? “Everything happens for the good”?


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